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Our Mission

To earn our partner’s trust through our reliability and passion for service

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Who We Are

Established in 1998 as a family-owned venture, Expoquip Inc. has evolved into a dynamic organization with a dedicated team of skilled professionals, technicians, and equipment consultants. Located in Knoxville, Tennessee, Expoquip caters to clients not only at the local level but also on a national and global scale, spanning across 80+ countries.


For Jorge, the real treasure in life lies in the relationships he’s built. He cherishes the bonds he’s formed with people from all walks of life, which have been the cornerstone of his success.


At Expoquip, one belief reigns supreme: the employees are the heartbeat of the business. Their dedication, passion, and talent have transformed Expoquip into a dynamic company committed to excellence.

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What We Do

Expoquip specializes in delivering comprehensive solutions to a wide spectrum of clients, encompassing the private sector, government entities, and international customers within the construction, earthmoving, and mining industries. Our seasoned team provides an extensive range of spare parts and components tailored for heavy equipment, both on and off the highway.


Additionally, through our rental division, we furnish the essential equipment required to accomplish your projects efficiently.

With a track record of trust from government agencies at local, state, and federal levels, Expoquip possesses the expertise and resources to assemble the perfect equipment fleet for projects of any size. As a reputable government contractor, Expoquip has successfully executed high-quality projects, including inspections, refurbishments, and construction, at various government and military facilities.


To further cater to our diverse clientele, Expoquip has diligently worked to establish itself as a leading player in industrial sourcing. We offer a comprehensive array of equipment, maintenance supplies, tools, and parts, ensuring that we remain a reliable one-stop solution provider for our valued customers.

About Our President

jorge sanabria

Jorge Sanabria

President of Expoquip

Jorge Sanabria, originally from the beautiful country of Colombia, embarked on an incredible journey that led him to the United States when he was just 16 years old. His story is a shining example of the American dream come true.


Three and a half decades ago, Jorge made the life-changing decision to call Knoxville his home. From humble beginnings, he embarked on a path that would see him rise to success beyond his wildest dreams. His journey is not just about individual achievement but is a testament to the power of hard work, perseverance, and the American spirit.


Jorge’s greatest treasure in this journey has been the relationships he’s built along the way. He deeply values the connections he’s formed with people from all walks of life, and these relationships have become the cornerstone of his success.


At Expoquip, Jorge holds one belief above all else: his employees are the heart and soul of the business. He knows that it’s the dedication, passion, and talent of his team that makes Expoquip what it is today – a thriving, dynamic company dedicated to excellence.


In every sense, Jorge Sanabria embodies the American dream, showing us that with hard work, a commitment to relationships, and unwavering dedication, anyone can achieve greatness. His story is a heartwarming testament to the boundless opportunities that this great nation offers to those who dare to dream and work towards their goals.

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